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Proven Results &
Return on Investment

With its industry-first risk identification and proven results in reducing hospitalizations and falls, CarePredict™ makes financial sense.

    • A single prevented fall can pay for the cost of the system for a year, and CarePredict™  has shown to reduce falls by 69%.


    • CarePredict has been proven to increase the length of stay by 67% as a result of reduced hospitalizations and falls. On average, a community can increase revenue by $500,000 a year by increasing  the length of stay.


    • Through precise tracking (down to minutes and seconds and 'types of assistance of care consumption' by each resident,) a community can correctly manage the level of care a resident is being billed for. On average, this can result in as much $1200/year/resident in ancillary revenue from the timely level of care changes.


    • Communities marketing CarePredict as a differentiator saw as much as 60% faster ramp-up in their occupancy rates and a 31% higher final occupancy rate.


    • Measuring staff performance is critical to resident satisfaction, and CarePredict has proven that care staff response times to resident summons improved by 37% compared to communities that don't use CarePredict.
      Peer-Reviewed and Published Study: Wilmink G, Dupey K, Alkire S, Grote J, Zobel G, Fillit HM, Movva S. Artificial Intelligence-Powered Digital Health Platform and Wearable Devices Improve Outcomes for Older Adults in Assisted Living Communities: Pilot Intervention Study. JMIR Aging. 2020 Sep 10;3(2):e19554. doi: 10.2196/19554. PMID: 32723711; PMCID: PMC7516685.







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Managing Your Facility

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A New Model of Care

As senior care shifts from reactive to proactive, more and more communities are utilizing the health insights identified by CarePredict's AI and deep-learning models to find the earliest precursors to declines in health. The current standard in Senior care measures physiological indicators to manage chronic conditions and is a reactive model. But this is insufficient as it only addresses a small fraction of a whole person. With CarePredict Tempo, we combine those physiological indicators with our unique activity and behavior signals to find new digital biomarkers that are predictive of health declines such as risk of falls, UTIs, depression or nutrition deficits.


Tempo™ Wearable

The Tempo is a wrist-worn wearable that houses a sophisticated combination of sensors and unique kinematic algorithms to detect a person’s activities and behaviors such as eating, bathing, sleeping, cooking and many more to help predict risks to wellbeing. The Tempo utilizes cutting-edge machine learning to provide deep insights without having to resort to creepy cameras or spooky radar sensors. The Tempo has no display or crown to fidget with, but with a light press of the button, the Tempo announces the time, day of the week, and battery level -   specifically designed for older adults as a voice-first device! It never needs to be taken off the wrist as the rechargeable, and swappable battery slides out and is replaced with a freshly charged one!  Each Tempo comes with two batteries and a personal 2-port battery charger. The Care Staff knows when the battery needs to be swapped and can assist as needed. The Tempo uses an industry-standard 22mm band and the included Velcro fabric band can be replaced with many readily available off-the-shelf options to personalize it. The Tempo is worn by residents on the wrist and by care staff and visitors on lapel clips or lanyards.

Context Beacons

The battery-powered miniature Context Beacons provide the precise location of a person along with the type of room they are in. This context allows the CarePredict System to better understand the activity and behavior of the resident.  Using this contextual information, the Tempo can optimize which algorithms it runs to detect appropriate behaviors within that context. For example, it won’t try to detect eating when the person is in the bathroom but instead would increase the sensitivity of the fall detection algorithm as most falls occur in the bathroom. Knowing the exact location (e.g., dining room, bedroom, bathroom, art studio) of every person in the community means the system can automatically compute resident-staff interaction times, detect and document assisted activities and even direct third-party caregivers to the precise location of a resident.


Predict & Prevent

Insights, to be useful, must be delivered in a timely manner to the right people, at the right time. CarePredict delivers actionable insights through real-time push notifications, web-based dashboards, scheduled emailed reports and self-serve on-demand reports. Insights requiring immediate attention are served up to care staff through configurable web, app, text and email alerts.

- Eating Duration
- Overall 1-10 Activity Score
- Walking Duration
- Sleep minutes
- Bathroom frequency
- Bathroom Duration
- Wake up at Night
- Socialization

Dollars and Sense


Low cost and easy to install

The CarePredict system consists of the Tempo™ wearable devices for the residents, care staff and visitors working in conjunction with the Context Beacons – a battery powered, unobtrusive two-inch square device. A context beacon is installed in each room and the common areas, including the hallways and uses two readily available batteries. Each Tempo comes with two rechargeable batteries and a two-port battery charger, and a community can order a 12-port bulk battery charger for use in common areas. The care staff uses the CarePredict Enterprise app available on Android or Apple iOS app stores and can use any mobile device, from phones without SIM cards to tablets. The main dashboards are browser-based and can be used on any modern computer. The system does not need any wiring, servers or any additional hardware. The Tempo communicates using WiFi, and a well-engineered WiFi infrastructure is sufficient for proper functioning of the system. Our professional installers can get your community up and running in just a few days with no disruption to your operations.

Centralized Management

For operators of multiple communities, CarePredict offers a single enterprise system architected to manage thousands of communities. Operators of multi-location communities can see consolidated data across their communities centrally in a unified dashboard allowing for centralized management, quality control and consolidation of common functions.


Technology to Combat
Occupancy Woes

Read findings from the Research Study, "How the Use of AI-Powered Digital Health Platform
Increased Occupancy, Health Outcomes and
Workforce Productivity in Senior Living Facilities".


Andy Craig, Chief Innovation Officer, Maple Knoll Communities on using CarePredict

We use CarePredict in all our levels of living.  It has replaced five completely different systems we were managing across our continuum. The fact that CarePredict operates on WiFi allows us to maximize our investment in that network without having to build out and support another wireless infrastructure. Since our CarePredict implementation, we've benefited from having actionable insights that allow for early interventions, staff productivity insights, precise location data to find the right person at the right time within the facility, real-time alerts when falls are detected, just to name a few. We saw CarePredict as an opportunity to be more proactive in resident safety and care, rather than reactive.

Andy Craig, VP & CIO
Maple Knoll Communities

Peter DeMangus, CMO, Solterra Companies on why they chose CarePredict over other solutions

"CarePredict is a full-circle system. In addition to providing nurse call support, it gives us the analytics we need to make the right decisions with our residents and their wellbeing. From a staff utilization perspective, it helps us see where our staff is and who they are serving. So, it is a complete technology system that doesn't just do one thing but does many things in one package."

Peter DeMangus, CMO, Solterra Companies



Resident Call Button with 2-Way Voice

The Tempo incorporates a large, easy-to-find button to summon assistance. The care staff is immediately alerted with the resident’s name and precise location so the closest staff can attend to them immediately. In addition, care staff can use the Two-Way audio feature to speak to the resident immediately to ascertain the nature of the summons so they can prioritize their assistance accordingly. The system monitors all metrics of the alerts for reporting purposes from when a summon was raised to when service was completed, along with full documentation of the actual reason for the summons as well as specific services performed during the summons.  These detailed metrics drive the service level and staffing optimization reviews.

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Fall Detection

The Tempo incorporates an intelligent fall detection system. It uses a machine learning model to understand falls and learns over time to reduce false positives. When a fall is detected, the care staff are immediately alerted, and when the staff confirms a fall, the Tempo learns over time to distinguish true falls accurately. The sensitivity of fall detection can be tuned for each individual from low to very high.  The system can also be adaptive and learn to increase sensitivity for certain persons in specific locations—for example, bathroom or bedroom where there has been a known history of falls.

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Visitor Management

CarePredict offers an included Visitor management software that runs on any Android or iOS tablet device for visitors to check in and out and to be allocated a wearable Tempo on a lanyard or visitor badge. This allows the community to track visitors, where they have been for incident recording purposes and to enable automated digital contact tracing for infection control. The app offers a customizable questionnaire for the visitors health status such as for covid-19 mitigation.

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Wander Management

The Tempo relies on the Context Beacons to find its precise location within the facility. This real-time location tracking allows an alert to be generated to the care staff when a person is entering an area they should not be in—an extremely beneficial feature in memory care units when residents wander. It can even be tuned to alert when two people are in proximity who should not be or if a person enters a suite not their own.The system is individually tunable and enabled person by person, so each individual can have different areas or situations to alert on.  This allows the use of the system in dedicated memory care units as well as those where residents with memory deficits are intermingled with those without.

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Predictive Insights

For millennia, we relied on human observation to know when something was wrong with a family member. With the acute staffing shortage slated to worsen as the number of caregivers fails to keep up with the rapidly increasing senior population, technology will be essential to augment human observation and provide quality care. The Tempo observes changes in activities and behaviors and alerts the staff before something happens. It looks for patterns that are out of the ordinary —when a resident is not eating as usual, is suddenly frequenting the bathroom often, or has become much more sedentary. These subtle changes can be signals of changes in health – for example, depression, urinary tract infections (UTIs), or an increased risk for falls. These insights are shown in the dashboard for the staff to review.

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TouchPoint – A View for Families

For the first time in senior living, a community will be able to give families a view of the activity level of their loved one.  The community will be able to invite family members to view how their loved one is doing via the CarePredict TouchPoint app.

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Family View

PinPoint - Automated Digital Contact Tracing

CarePredict was the first to create PinPoint - an Automated Digital Contact Tracing system for congregate living settings in the world. Utilizing our precision real-time location tracking, a community can run a full-community automated contact tracing in seconds to find all direct and indirect contacts of an infected person, find which areas need additional disinfection using a customizable dwell time and quickly find those who may have spent time in an area where an infected person lingered.  This system takes into account walls and doors, so it will not show people in contact if they were in adjacent suites or behind closed doors from an infected person. The use of this system was modeled in a peer-reviewed and published study that showed that real-time digital contact tracing resulted in 52% fewer cases of COVID-19 than conventional mitigation methods. A senior living community found that by using CarePredict PinPoint, 83% of residents didn’t need to be isolated  compared to whole scale community lockdowns experienced at the height of the pandemic.

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Keyless Door Entry

In the spirit of making a truly multifunctional device that can replace many legacy systems at senior living facilities, CarePredict was the first to incorporate the ability to open electronic doors within senior living communities.  Using industry-standard technologies, CarePredict can be used as the key by residents and care staff to open electronic doors within a community. This means one less extra thing to be carried or lost by residents and staff, and it promotes adherence to the use of the Tempo. The Tempo integrates seamlessly with most door systems from leading manufacturers.

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CareVoice® (Coming Soon)

For the first time, family members will be able to record timely reminders and greetings using the CarePredict TouchPoint app to play automatically from their loved ones Tempo at selected times and recurrences. Mom will be able to receive a timely medication reminder in the voice of her favorite grandchild or schedule a reminder about an upcoming appointment! The community care staff will be able to likewise record reminders for each resident!

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For residents where staff are taking and recording vital signs, now staff will be able to simply press the resident’s Tempo button to have that measurement automatically uploaded into CarePredict dashboard or the community’s EHR. The Tempo connects to a growing list of FDA cleared devices, including those that measure:
Blood Pressure
Pulse Rate

Independent living residents can get timely reminders through their Tempo to take their measurement. The readings are directly captured by the Tempo without the use of a smartphone or app and enunciated back to the Resident and populated in the care dashboards for care staff review!

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Precise Real-Time Location Tracking System (RTLS)

A foundational and patented piece of CarePredict’s technology is the ability to locate in real-time every person within a community, from residents and staff to visitors. Unlike legacy RTLS systems, CarePredict uses a unique technology that does not use triangulation or radio frequencies. This means the CarePredict system is precise down to the specific room, even in a small suite and takes walls and closed doors into account. This precision allows CarePredict to accurately detect the time spent by care staff with a resident or to direct a visitor to the precise location a resident is in at that very moment.

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Staff Optimization

The industry is challenged with a lack of qualified staff and worker shortages. CarePredict precisely and automatically measures each resident’s demand for services and the corresponding availability and timeliness of care staff to service those requests. CarePredict’s insights help predict staffing needs down to a specific day and time of the week and identify specific periods in the future that could use short-term Surge Staffing vs. legacy shift scheduling.  This allows an entire new care staff workforce who do not want full shifts to be utilized to fill these peak staffing needs while maintaining just the right amount of shift staff.  CarePredict also automatically surveys each care staff member every day to see how they are doing and helps to head off burnout before they occur.

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Staff Communication

In its drive to provide a single cohesive platform, CarePredict removes the need for legacy staff communication technologies such as pagers, walkie-talkies and phones with built-in Staff Chat and Staff messaging tools. The CarePredict app allows staff to speak to each other, app to app and chat to a group, broadcast or each other individually.  It allows the community management to schedule one-off or recurring reminders to all staff or individual staff members. The deep analysis of these communications allows the operator to keep a pulse on the overall care staff sentiment and health of the community.

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CarePredict integrates with leading partners in the senior living industry ranging from electronic door systems manufacturers to resident management systems and nurse call vendors.  These seamless integrations allow CarePredict to function as a seamless single pane of glass for a community be managed centrally.  Alerts from disparate systems flow through CarePredict and are measured and tracked seamlessly for a single unified workflow regardless of the source of the alert.  CarePredict seamlessly integrates alerts from door/window sensors, doorbell switches, door egress bars, pull cords and emergency push buttons.


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