Fort Lauderdale, FLA. September 14, 2021 — CarePredict, the leading AI-Powered Digital Health platform for senior care, today announced that CarePredict PinPoint was selected as the Argentum 2021 Best of the Best Award winner. PinPoint is the first commercially available digital contact tracing tool that prevents the spread of COVID-19 in high-risk, high-density areas such as senior living facilities and nursing homes


PinPoint delivers accurate, instantaneous results on all of the contacts an infected person had — where, when, and for how long. It classifies the contacts as high or low risk based on the duration and type of contact. This distinction enables staff to identify contacts who pose a higher risk of transmitting the virus within the facility. They can effectively minimize the spread of the virus by testing and isolating only those at high risk thereby minimizing the adverse impact of facility-wide lockdowns and resulting social isolation for the low-risk population. PinPoint goes further than typical contact tracing by capturing location, paths and dwell time in areas visited by a suspected carrier within the facility to support effective disinfection measures. A peer-reviewed modeling study using data from CarePredict PinPoint and published in The Journal of Medical Internet Research showed that real-time digital contact tracing resulted in 52 percent fewer cases of COVID-19 than conventional mitigation methods used in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.


“CarePredict PinPoint has been an extremely useful tool in keeping our residents safe and healthy during these unprecedented times,” said Renee Beavers, Executive Director at The Legacy at South Plains, a LifeWell Senior Living community. “PinPoint provides immediate visibility into who was exposed to a suspected carrier, but it, more importantly, lets you know who was not. On average, we found that over 83 percent of our residents didn’t need to be subjected to quarantine and other social isolation measures as they were never exposed to a suspected carrier.”


The Argentum Best of the Best Awards recognizes innovative new programs and services that are working to improve the future of senior living. This year, to acknowledge the extraordinary circumstances faced by the industry during the pandemic, the 2021 Best of the Best Awards focused on innovations related to COVID-19 mitigation.  


“When the pandemic began, our highest priority was to use our technology to save lives in senior living facilities,” said Satish Movva, CEO and Founder, CarePredict. “We will continue innovating to solve real-life concerns and help senior living communities navigate the secondary effects of the pandemic such as occupancy and staff engagement.”


CarePredict is showcasing its all-in-one integrated senior care platform that has proven to reduce hospitalizations by 39 percent, falls by 69 percent, increase the average length of stay by 67 percent and improve staff response times by 37 percent, at Booth 944, Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference 2021. To book a demo, email [email protected]