CarePredict - The Single Pane of Glass to Manage Your Community
Empowering Better Senior Care

CarePredict is a leading digital health company purpose-built to meet the demands of senior living. Peer-reviewed and published studies show that CarePredict reduces hospitalizations in senior living communities by 39%, falls by 69%, improves staff response times by 37%, and increases the length of stay by 67%.  CarePredict consists of an award-winning smart wearable- Tempo™, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced kinematics algorithms to learn each resident’s daily activity and behavior patterns. When there is a deviation from a resident’s “normal,” the system alerts staff on a wide range of potential health concerns. 


CarePredict’s end-to-end platform addresses all aspects of a community and provides:

  • Resident Wellness Insights
  • Precise Indoor Location Insights
  • Workforce Productivity Insights
  • Enhanced Resident Safety & Comfort
  • Sophisticated Communication Platform

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