an innovative wearable for seniors – so care staff won’t miss a beat.

Care staff can't see through walls - and even if they could, they couldn't possibly monitor all of the significant changes in daily activity for each individual senior they are responsible for.

Carepredict Watches

Know, before there is a problem.

CarePredict® Tempo is the first wearable sensor that helps senior living staff and home care providers identify the small changes in daily activities that can be precursors to serious health concerns.

Unlike other monitoring systems, Tempo gets a sophisticated read on wellbeing while maintaining a senior’s privacy. Tempo learns each individual’s normal activities of daily living and alerts care staff about any significant variation in those personal patterns – like not waking at the typical time, eating less than usual, abnormal repetition of activities, or restless sleep – that may need proactive attention.

Our focus is different

We monitor individuals, not rooms and things.


A daily pulse on normal patterns

CarePredict® Tempo is unique in its ability to detect and report subtle changes in day-to-day activity, including changes in sleep and personal care routines that are otherwise difficult to track.

24/7 Observation

Objective data to support staff

CarePredict® Tempo monitors trends in activity over time – providing valuable insight for evaluating a senior’s level of care needs and providing data to support decisions to increase supportive care.


Intuitive dashboard

CarePredict® Tempo data is captured in an easy-to-read dashboard of a resident's daily, weekly and monthly tempo to facilitate collaborative care giving through the CarePredict® Tempo Proprietary Software.

Actionable Alerts

Individual insight

CarePredict® Tempo alerts care staff whenever there’s a potentially significant change in daily activity, giving staff insight to assess the senior before more serious issues develop.

CarePredict Tempo is a smart choice…

Detect Changes in Daily Patterns

Tempo sends alerts when a resident is not following normal patterns, such as not waking up in the morning or moving around at night so the care staff can provide proactive attention.

Objective Data to Support Level of Care Decisions

Since the system monitors residents continuously, objective data are available to inform level-of-care change recommendations.

Care Staff Efficiency

Tempo enables care staff to monitor more residents and spend more time helping those with higher need. And the convenient Tempo family portal reduces the number of family check-in calls.

Satisfied Families

The Tempo Family Portal provides online access so families can be assured that their loved one is maintaining normal patterns of activity.

Happier Residents

The Tempo system has the ability to offer residents concierge-level services via the call button and audio from the wristband. Residents can even use their Tempo to open facility and suite doors – avoiding lost keys and lockouts. And, Tempo can provide personal and facility audio reminders.

Location Awareness

The system monitors and displays the location of each resident in real time and uses geo-fencing to better manage at-risk residents. Tempoalso helps you better understand movement patterns to optimize amenity utilization and staffing.

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