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CarePredict provides actionable
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Trusted to Improve Home Care

"CarePredict enables Right at Home Tri-County Metro to increase the value we provide to our home care clients by helping our caregivers stay ahead of possible health issues. The AI technology packed into their sophisticated platform also allows us to reach new clients who might not be quite ready for traditional home care services."

Jeff Welsh - Owner and President, Right at Home, Tri-County Metro


Innovative Senior Health Monitoring Technology

Home Care Providers

Home care providers are on the front line with families struggling to find care answers for their declining senior loved ones. Their challenges include unexpected acuity changes, productivity of staff, and tech-savvy families who want to stay connected to their loved ones. CarePredict provides timely visibility and insights enabling proactive action to address increasing care needs, to improve staff productivity and the opportunity to increase revenue based on the need for higher levels of care.
CarePredict Benefits for Home Care Providers
CarePredict Benefits for Home Care Staff


Caring for seniors living at home is a rewarding, but sometimes frustrating, job. With full and part-time home care shared between several caregivers, it is almost impossible to notice subtle changes in individual client’s daily ADL patterns that could lead to significant health issues. CarePredict watches over those daily patterns and identifies changes that could indicate progression of memory issues, chronic conditions, urinary tract infections, fall risk and mental health risk.

Seniors and Loved Ones

Having new people become part of a senior’s daily life is stressful for all involved. Loved ones worry that the right choice has been made. They wonder if their loved one’s health is being closely monitored or if their loved one needs more help. Home care providers can share reassuring information, generated by CarePredict, with the families of seniors and their loved ones.

CarePredict Benefits for Home Care for Seniors and Loved Ones

24/7 Valuable Insight with Tempo Wearable

Get Early Notice of Potential Issues

Tempo detects activity changes that may signal the onset of changes in health and notifies the home care staff before an issue becomes a problem.

Prioritize Home Care Needs

Tempo helps home care providers prioritize staff time in areas where senior clients need the most care.

Find Seniors with Smart Location Awareness

Tempo displays near real time location of seniors in their homes on web and mobile apps. In areas of the home that families have determined might be dangerous for the senior, Tempo sends multi-mode (or geofence) alerts when the senior approaches a prohibited area.

Tempo Series 3

Extend the Reach of Home Care

For seniors that may not be ready for home care, Tempo can provide a level of monitoring to reassure families. For seniors receiving home care who cannot or do not want to move to assisted living, Tempo can supplement home care services by providing 24/7 monitoring.

Provide Peace of Mind to Families

Home care providers can choose to share reassuring information with families, giving them valuable health insight into the lives of their loved ones.

Deliver Appropriate Level of Service

Tempo provides objective data to illustrate to families the need to increase level of services provided to home care clients.

A Powerful, More Efficient Management Solution

Workforce Management Solution - CarePredict

Staff Productivity Insights

CarePredict provides in-depth productivity insights, so you can allocate more staff resources. Know the exact location of individual staff when they are on-site, via the web portal or smartphone app, and get insight into their movement patterns within the home during their shifts. Find out how much time staff spends with individual clients, and better understand how that changes over weeks or months.

Home Care Client Health Insights

Gathering health insights enables you to better understand the specific level of care required for each client. CarePredict's objective data also helps support sensitive discussions with loved ones, such as when to increase staff time spent with the client or when to transition them to assisted living communities.