Rapid Digital Contact Tracing for Senior Living Facilities and Nursing Homes


CarePredict PinPoint Contact Tracing - How it works


CarePredict PinPoint is an automated, digital contact tracing solution specially designed to stop the spread of the deadly Coronavirus in high-risk, high-density areas such as senior living facilities and nursing homes. 

Using PinPoint, staff can quickly identify ALL the people at risk from contact with an infected individual or from exposure to places that an infected individual may have contaminated.


Using CarePredict’s Contact Tracing, facility staff can identify, within seconds, all the residents, staff, and visitors who were exposed to a suspected carrier. Further, this investigative tool classifies these contacts by ‘Priority Types’ — high and low. This distinction enables the staff to understand contacts at high risk from the exposure and, in turn, pose a higher risk of transmitting the virus within the community. They can effectively prevent the spread of the virus by testing and isolating the ones that pose a more significant threat. 

CarePredict PinPoint Contact Tracing Network Map
CarePredict PinPoint Contact Tracing for senior living facilities and nursing homes


Most tracing methods do not capture places or locations exposed to a carrier. Area exposures are crucial to track secondary transmissions and transmissions through contaminated surfaces. Especially since the Sars-CoV-2 virus is known to be active in the air and on surfaces even after an infected person has left an area. CarePredict’s Location Tracing helps staff prevent secondary environmental transmission by providing granular information on all the people who visited an area shortly after an infected individual. 


Decontamination and disinfection are crucial infection prevention strategies in facilities that house a population highly vulnerable to the severe effects of COVID-19. CarePredict’s decontamination plan provides visibility into the hotspots and specific areas visited by a suspected carrier and highly frequented areas within the community, enabling facilities to focus their disinfection and decontamination efforts.

CarePredict PinPoint Location Tracing

Effective Infection Control in Nursing Homes and Senior Living Facilities

"The ability to understand the activity of our residents and team, in a time where social distancing and understanding movements have become even more critical due to COVID-19, will enable us to react and make real-time decisions for their safety and welfare. Kudos to the CarePredict team for responding so quickly to the senior living industry that is serving the highest risk populations, elderly, and health care workers through this global pandemic.

Kimberly Erickson, President & COO
LifeWell Senior Living Communities

Privacy Statement

All tracing and location data is owned and used by the facility. Facilities are responsible for securing opt-ins from family, seniors, staff, and visitors. Contact tracing and indoor location data are end-to-end encrypted, not shared with third-parties and stored on CarePredict secure servers.