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We are not a technology company.

We are a people company with one shared goal: To improve the quality of life for our aging parents, grandparents and loved ones.

CarePredict started as an idea, from our founder, who was simply looking for ways to help care for his parents and provide himself peace of mind. Since 2013, CarePredict’s mission has grown into a movement to transform this rapidly growing, underserved market and empower better care for all seniors.

We are focused on identifying patterns in the daily lives of seniors that can predict declines in their health and enable early intervention.

As data scientists, engineers, nurses and physicians, we strive to detect the objective information that make up these patterns, and translate that knowledge into actionable insights for caregivers – from assisted living, memory care and independent living communities to home care. We believe this powerful new set of data and analytics will improve senior care and provide peace of mind to their loved ones.

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