Be Better Prepared to Ward Off Outbreaks

With instantaneous contact tracing solution that lets you identify and isolate all high-risk contacts.


Effective Infection Control in Nursing Homes and Senior Living Facilities

"The ability to understand the activity of our residents and team, in a time where social distancing and understanding movements have become even more critical due to COVID-19, will enable us to react and make real-time decisions for their safety and welfare. Kudos to the CarePredict team for responding so quickly to the senior living industry that is serving the highest risk populations, elderly, and health care workers through this global pandemic." 

Kimberly Erickson, President & COO
LifeWell Senior Living Communities

Stand out among skilled nursing facilities with proven contact tracing technology to stop outbreaks

Operators & Facility Management

Skilled nursing and nursing home operators are fighting an uphill battle with increasing operational & incremental costs, occupancy drops, and reputation management, brought about by the ongoing pandemic. With CarePredict’s proven automatic contact tracing technology, long-term care management can ensure the safety of vulnerable patients, regain the trust of patients and families, and be better prepared to reopen to outside visitors.
Why seniors are severely affected by COVID-19
CarePredict Benefits for Caregivers of Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities

Direct Care Staff

The recent pandemic has exacerbated long-term facilities’ long-standing challenges with staffing shortages. Staff in these facilities are overwhelmed with having to protect vulnerable patients, adhere to various infection control practices, and provide compassionate care. CarePredict’s automated digital contact tracing solution can help staff identify all contacts exposed to an infection, at the click of a button. Staff can use CarePredict’s app to communicate with each other for fast and efficient care coordination. They can also speak directly with patients through the CarePredict Tempo wearable to prioritize care and provide reassurance.

Seniors & Loved Ones

Visitation restrictions meant to protect the most vulnerable population can lead to physical, mental and emotional declines, especially in seniors. Families already concerned about the outbreaks in facilities have no visibility into how their older loved ones are coping in the new environment. With access to deep contact tracing information from CarePredict PinPoint, facilities can limit isolation to only those at high risk from the exposure and provide peace of mind to families and patients. Further, with CarePredict TouchPoint, facilities can keep families in-the-know by providing them access to important information about their loved one’s well-being.
Families meeting seniors in nursing homes

24/7 Valuable Insights

Effective Infection Control

Using Tempo and precise indoor location technology, the facility can accurately identify within seconds, all the people exposed to a suspected carrier. Facilities can also see areas exposed to the carrier and focus decontamination efforts in those areas.

Keyless Door Access

The Tempo is integrated with passive RFID technology and can be used for keyless door-entry, providing convenience and safety.

Provide Peace of Mind for Families

Facilities can choose to share reassuring information with families, giving them insight into the lives of their loved ones.

Staff / Patient Interaction

Knowing the location of staff and patients 24/7 helps facilities ensure proper workforce distribution and improve care coordination.

A Contact Tracing Solution Built Just for Long-Term Care Facilities

A one-size-fits-all approach to contact tracing will not work in congregate settings that house the frailest population, with severe medical conditions, living in close quarters. These settings demand disease control measures that are rapid and robust. CarePredict PinPoint contact tracing technology has been purpose-built to solve the specific challenges of nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities.
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