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When it comes to the health of our elders, just tracking steps or vital signs is not enough to catch declines in health well in advance. Long before vitals show it, older adults exhibit changes in their ability to perform daily activities like eating, drinking, walking, grooming, sleeping, bathing, toileting and so on. As a family member, it can be very challenging for you to continuously keep track of your elderly loved one’s every activity and behavior pattern. This is where CarePredict @Home can empower you — by providing an extra set of ever vigilant eyes to learn their daily activities and behaviors and using artificial intelligence to predict upcoming concerns and to provide you with pertinent, actionable insights. So now you can know days in advance when your loved one is at an increased risk of a fall, depression or a urinary tract infection (UTI)

After successfully proving our technology in senior group living communities across North America and Japan, we will soon be bringing this revolutionary AI technology to millions of seniors aging at home.

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