Grand Retirement Selects CarePredict for AI-Based Predictive Solution to Enhance Resident Care and Improve Workforce Efficiency

Grand Retirement’s Arkansas facility will be the first of the ten communities to install CarePredict’s end-to-end solution that predicts the possible onset of urinary tract infection (UTI), depression and fall risk.

Fort Lauderdale, FLA. February 12, 2019 — CarePredict, the leader in senior digital healthcare today announced the signing of a multi-year agreement with Grand Retirement Communities, a leading all-inclusive, resort-style senior living community headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

CarePredict was the first-to-market to predict potential health conditions by continuously monitoring the daily activities and behavior patterns of senior adults. Using proprietary remote sensing technologies, smart wearables, and neural nets, CarePredict’s AI-platform continuously observes, learns and delivers actionable insights based on changes in the daily activity patterns such as eating, drinking, walking, grooming, toilet patterns, and so on, of the senior adult. CarePredict’s lightweight sensors and wearable, Tempo™, is specifically designed for the seniors and collects rich activity datasets unobtrusively and autonomously without the need for any in-person observation or self-reporting by the senior. CarePredict also employs real-time location sensors to collect precise, contextual data. CarePredict uses these unique data sets to train its deep learning neural nets to surface insights that provide early warning of a wide range of developing health conditions including the possible onset of depression, urinary tract infection and increased fall risk.


“At Grand Retirement, our vision is to build a community that celebrates health, safety, and life,” said Todd Bridgeman, Executive Director, Grand Village. “Taking preventive measures is a big part of our philosophy. Leveraging CarePredict’s AI-powered solution that predicts rather than detects, empowers our staff to take proactive measures and ensure the safety and health of our residents.”

“We are thrilled to begin this partnership with Grand Retirement,” said CEO and Founder of CarePredict, Satish Movva. “Apart from providing health and wellness insights on the residents, our solution also provides productivity insights and empowers the Grand Retirement staff to visualize the level of care their residents require and meaningfully prioritize workflow. Thereby, ensuring quality and timely care for the residents at Grand Retirement.”

If you are interested in CarePredict’s AI-powered, preventive solution for your senior living community, email [email protected].



About CarePredict

CarePredict is a pioneering AI-driven digital health company with locations in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Menlo Park, CA. The company develops proprietary connected remote sensing technologies including wearables incorporating machine learning with unique algorithms, and sensors that continuously observe, learn, and trigger just-in-time care for seniors aging in group living or at home. Powered by deep learning nets trained on millions of data activity points over three years, CarePredict is producing actionable insights based on early detection of activity and behavior patterns that are precursors to potential UTIs, depression and fall risk. These insights are served on user-friendly multilingual dashboards on apps to enable caregivers to provide preventative, person-centered senior care. For more information, visit, email [email protected] or call 1-800-608-7188.