Fort Lauderdale, FLA., December 17, 2020 — CarePredict, the leading AI-Powered Digital Health platform for senior care, announced today that their remote activity monitoring app — CarePredict TouchPoint, was selected a CES® 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Health and Wellness category. The CES Innovation Awards program, owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products across 28 product categories. This is the third CES award that CarePredict has received in the past three years. CarePredict’s smart wearable, Tempo™, was selected as a CES 2020 Innovations Award Honoree, and CarePredict was named the winner of the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) Accessibility Award at CES 2019.


CarePredict TouchPoint provides peace of mind to families and caregivers by providing continuous visibility into their senior loved one’s well-being. It is a companion app to CarePredict’s Tempo, a unique smart wearable designed exclusively for seniors. The Tempo is the world’s first wearable that autonomously tracks subtle changes in a senior’s daily activity and behavior patterns that may precede increased risk for urinary tract infections, depression, malnutrition, mild cognitive impairment, and falls. TouchPoint displays the data collected by the Tempo in an easy-to-understand, intuitive interface and alerts families and others in the senior’s Care Circle about concerning trends such as missed meals, restless sleep, or increased sedentary behaviors. It allows Care Circle members to see how their loved one is doing over time and coordinate care through the app’s built-in communication features. Tempo can detect most falls and alerts Care Circle members, who can then check in using the built-in two-way audio to provide reassurance while waiting for help to arrive. The senior can also press the button on their wrist-worn Tempo to speak to any of the Care Circle members.


“Even before the pandemic, most older adults were aging away from their families, and the challenge families faced was in knowing how they were really doing,” said Satish Movva, CEO and Founder of CarePredict. “TouchPoint is not just providing peace of mind for families but is a vital link in today’s socially isolated world that allows older adults to stay connected with their families and friends with the simple press of a button.”


TouchPoint is available on Android and iOS devices as part of the CarePredict @Home kit, which includes the Tempo. CarePredict TouchPoint will be showcased at the first-ever, all-digital CES 2021 show.