CarePredict Announces PinPoint Solution – Breakthrough Contact Tracing Technology for Senior Living Facilities

Automated contact tracing tools empower senior living facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals to identify, within seconds, all the individuals who have come in contact with an infected person.

Fort Lauderdale, FLA., March 31, 2020 – CarePredict, the leading AI-Powered Digital Health company for seniors and their caregivers, announced today the immediate availability of the CarePredict PinPoint Toolset that consists of Contact Tracing, Location Tracing, Path Tracing, and Room Traffic tools for Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Nursing Home, and Hospital facilities.

It is now well known that older adults who live in senior group living facilities and nursing homes are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. In the US, over 400 skilled nursing and senior living facilities have already reported residents with COVID-19, and most are now on lockdown to limit and prevent its’ spread.

Once a suspected carrier has been identified, CarePredict’s unique and precise location tracking capabilities allow facilities to know within seconds:

Contact Tracing: All people the individual had contact with, in the facility — including the time of day, duration, and location.

Location Tracing: All the places the individual visited in the facility — including the time of day, duration, and location.

Path Tracing: The exact path taken by the individual through the facility.

Room Traffic: All people that spent time in the same area where the infected individual had previously spent time.

Armed with this information, facilities can isolate individuals who have been exposed, sanitize specific areas of the facility and effectively curtail the spread to healthy individuals and save lives.

“Ensuring the health and safety of seniors is at the heart of what we do at CarePredict, and this has never been more relevant than today,” said Satish Movva, CEO and Founder, CarePredict. “In situations like these where everyday matters, CarePredict’s PinPoint toolset can effectively and quickly help stop the spread of the coronavirus in senior living facilities.”

“CarePredict has created a tremendous, proactive tool to help us protect our community in these unprecedented times,” said Todd Bridgeman, Executive Director, Grand Retirement Communities. “If we suspect an individual has been infected, we can quickly identify residents and staff who have been exposed and streamline our safety and prevention efforts.”

“The ability to understand the activity of our residents and team, in a time where social distancing and understanding movements have become even more critical due to COVID-19, will enable us to react and make real-time decisions for their safety and welfare,” said Kimberly Erickson,  President & COO, Lifewell Senior Living. “Kudos to the CarePredict team for responding so quickly to the senior living industry that is serving the highest risk populations, elderly, and health care workers through this global pandemic.”

Facilities using CarePredict can contact [email protected] to get training and support on using this free toolset immediately.


About CarePredict

Led by a team of caregivers, and healthcare technology veterans, CarePredict’s mission is to help professional caregivers take timely action by detecting the activity and behavior patterns that are precursors to conditions such as UTI, depression, malnutrition, and increased risk of falls well in advance. CarePredict has been commercially deployed and delivers actionable insights in senior group living communities in the U.S. and Japan and communities typically find 21% lower hospitalization and 30% reduction in falls with CarePredict installed. CarePredict’s home care agency solution, launched in 2019, allows agencies to extend their care services beyond the traditional model of scheduled services to on-demand services based on autonomous insights.  With the launch of CarePredict @Home at CES 2020, CarePredict is extending the reach of its powerful AI-based technologies to families caring for older loved ones and delivering the peace of mind that comes with early alerts and timely interventions.

CarePredict is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Menlo Park, CA.

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