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CarePredict® Tempo is a wrist-worn sensor that identifies and monitors a senior’s activities of daily living. CarePredict® Tempo is unique in its ability to detect and report subtle changes, like not waking up at the typical time, eating less than usual, abnormal repetition of activities, or restless sleep. Tempo makes it easier for busy care staff to see the bigger picture – and to proactively intervene before small changes become serious problems.

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Smart Data Meaningful Context

CarePredict® Tempo learns a senior’s normal activity patterns over the first seven days of use by monitoring arm movements and indoor location – creating a baseline of daily living activity for each individual. Then it measures daily activities and creates an at-a-glance dashboard that allows care staff to quickly review day-to-day changes – and to track trend data over time.

Proactive Alerts

Staff at group living facilities and home care agencies can easily view dashboards of each senior's daily, weekly and monthly activity trends. Text and email alerts inform staff about shifts in daily patterns that may need proactive attention. Proprietary machine-learning algorithms identify the small changes that are precursors to serious concerns.

Proactive Alerts
Carepredict Watches

Value-added Features

CarePredict® Tempo offers some great features to make life easier for seniors – and their families. The band comes in a variety of options – from stylish to sporty. In addition, the wristband provides reminders, which can be recorded in a family member’s familiar voice. And with proper access, loved ones can log-in to a secure web portal to check-in on the overall status of their family member.

Especially for Senior Living

CarePredict® Tempo offers some great optional features to make life easier for Independent and Assisted Living Facilities. Staff can quickly identify the location of every resident – with an at-a-glance facility map. And residents can even use Tempo to open their suite and facility doors to avoid lost keys and lockouts.

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Also for Home Care

CarePredict® Tempo also offers valuable benefits for busy home care providers by eliminating “blind spots” after care staff leave the home. Now, care teams have a non-intrusive 24/7 way to monitor their homebound clients and adjust their visit schedules to better fit the personalized needs of each client. By detecting potentially meaningful changes in an individual’s daily patterns, home care staff can provide more proactive care.

Privacy Protected

CarePredict® Tempo senses and cares about activity patterns of daily living, not private details about the activity itself. We take privacy seriously and provide administrator controlled user security levels to safeguard a senior’s personal data and privacy. Staff and family each get the right access and the right data.

Proactive Alerts

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