Introducing Tempo , a wearable sensor that tracks small changes in the daily routines of your loved ones.

Most of us want to live at home as long as we can. But we worry about our aging loved ones. Big issues rarely appear out of nowhere. Tracking daily life patterns helps us see small changes that hint at bigger issues, before anyone may think to look for them.

Know,before there is a problem.

CarePredict® Tempo learns the normal daily activity patterns of your loved one. It monitors and records these daily patterns over time. If these patterns begin to change in ways that could indicate a health issue may be developing, an alert is sent.

CarePredict® Tempo gets a sophisticated read on well-being by combining an individual's activity patterns and location. For example, sleeping 30 minutes more than usual one night is likely normal variation, but a pattern of sleeping more each night and napping more during the day may indicate something to be concerned about.

Be there for your loved one:
Tempo helps you stay connected

We know you care. But it can be hard when you don’t know about your loved one’s daily patterns. You don’t want to just react. You want to predict – the best you can. You need a better way to be in touch.

With CarePredict® Tempo, you can understand your loved one's normal patterns. It’s easier to talk about daily activities and sense changes before anything seems wrong. You know you’ll get an alert if there’s a change. It helps you and your loved one know you'll be there for them.

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